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 Glow Squad Membership

An online & in-real-life community of women ready to take their health, wellness, life and connections to the next level!


 Is it possible to stay on top of your health & wellness, be part of a badass community of women, have fun?
eat dessert & sip some drinks?
…at the same time?


  • You want to stay on top of your health and overall wellness! There’s just one problem... It’s really hard to stick to it, and do it alone.

  • You feel like the past few years have taken a toll on your health & wellness

  • You have tried several "methods" to improve your life, your health and your overall wellness but never see lasting results.

  • Find yourself playing out the same frustrating patterns?

  • You feel tired and exhausted no matter how much you sleep, or how much coffee you drink

  • You crave support, a sisterhood a community of women on a POSITIVE energy wave. You’re tired of the same negative circle of women that add nothing to your life!

  • You’re ready to MANIFEST all the awesome things you know life has for you, but you don’t know where TF to start or HOW.


Introducing Our Glow Squad Membership

A life changing VIP experience that will give you access to monthly LIVE wellness classes, and EXCLUSIVE content from some of the most AMAZING wellness experts in the field.

Covering topics from holistic health, nutrition, mental health, body positivity, spiritual practices (hello crystals, energy clearing rituals, moon energy, palo santo, etc!), clean & non-toxic beauty (makeup & skincare), non-toxic household… We will cover it all for YOU!

+++ Access to past conference’s footage, recorded wellness classes, free downloadable books, templates, and even fitness, meditation & yoga classes.

Truly, ONE OF A KIND all-in-one stop for YOUR wellness! 


What You’ll Get

The GLOW SQUAD MEMBERSHIP will allow you to amp up your wellness covering ALL THE BASES, all year long. You’ll get content to inspire and empower you, not only through nutrition, but with our signature holistic approach of including all the other areas that affect your health.


Monthly Video Calls With Our Glow Squad Mentors & Wellness Experts

Oh yessss! You’ll be invited to video calls with our friends holistic practitioners of all areas so you can pick their brains, raw foodists, yoga-pilates-fitness trainers, skin care specialist, acupuncturists, colonics specialists, meditation teachers, reiki healers, moon energy experts, crystal experts, hormone specialists, self-help coaches, homeopaths, integrative doctors, etc.

Already waiting for you inside the membership?

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 Glow Squad Membership is for YOU if:

  • You’re ready to stop the same negative patterns and are ready to level up this year!

  • You want an easy and fun way to stay consistent with your health & wellness — to feel connected, supported and inspired every day

  • You understand that your health & wellness is affected by so much more than just what you eat

  • You’re willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes and try something new

  • You’re ready to be part of a uplifting badass community of women, online and in-real-life, with POWERFUL resources to improve your life in a sustainable way



 Payment Options

You can subscribe for a monthly subscription of U$9.99 and you’ll be billed U$9.99 per month (you can cancel any time).

Or you can jump in for a whole year of amazingness, and subscribe to the yearly subscription U$119.88 value (one time fee) and get the special bonus price of U$99.99 = 2 months FREE!

 Have additional questions about the membership?

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